Morris & Garritano Joins Forces with Neal-Truesdale Insurance

Leadersof local insurancefirm Morris & Garritano announced that it has acquired Neal‐Truesdale Insurance, Inc. The two firms, both based in San Luis Obispo, will combine under the name Morris & Garritano andoperatefrom its current offices on Laurel Lane. 

Accordingto BrendanMorris, Morris & Garritano’s CEO, the acquisition will not interrupt any service,and clients’day‐to‐daycontacts will not change. Neal‐ Truesdale,which has also specialized in commercial and personal insurance, will join Morrisand Garritano’s team in the coming weeksand bring greater depth to its comprehensive service offering. With the addition, Morris & Garritano will employ more than85 people. 

“Both our firms have always held a great respect for one another,” notes Morris. “We see thisnew chapter as an opportunity to enrich the spectrum of services we offer and the relationships we’ve cultivated here onthe Central Coastfor more thana century.”

Next to Morris & Garritano, Neal‐Truesdale is one of the oldest local insurance firms in San LuisObispo. It was foundedwhen long‐time friendsBob Neal and Calvin Truesdale came together to formNeal‐Truesdale in1960. In 1984,Bob’s son Jack Neal joinedthe company and assumed the role of president whenthe firm’s namesakesretired. 

Jack is a long‐time supporter ofthecommunityand enjoyed a career in local insurance that spanned over three decades. “I’m incredibly proud of the hard work that has brought us to this great opportunitywith Morris & Garritano,” said Neal. “It feels so good to know our employees and our relationships withour clients will be supported by anotherlocal, family‐owned business with a long track record of integrity in serving its community.”

Gary Dee of Neal‐Truesdale expressed enthusiasm for what the union bringsto his clients andteam. “Ourclients will be able to take advantage ofan increaseddepth in everythingfrom employee benefits to personal insurance with abroad spectrum of insurance services to support it,” said Dee.The Dee family has shared a great connectionwith Morris & Garritano over the years. GregMorrisandGene Garritano partneredwith Gary Dee’s fatherMarvin inthe 1960s when the firm was named “Morris & Dee.”

“It’s perfect timing: we’ll not only have stronger relationships with insurance carriers, we’ll also bolster our resources as we cater tothe needs of our clients,” said Morris. 

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