About Morris & Garritano

Morris & Garritano is a last name company on a first name basis. For decades, the insurance industry has paid great attention to the items they cover. Policies are built around fair market value and replacement cost instead of what's really at the heart of it all: people.

Morris & Garritano has always taken a different approach, knowing its commercial, employee benefits, and personal insurance services are there to protect and better the lives of its friends and neighbors. Each agent and team member takes time to build personal relationships with their clients so they know they can turn to more than just a corporate phone number in times of need. They can turn to a friend they can trust. 


Our Mission & Core Values

To be trusted advisors providing peace of mind through meaningful relationships and exceeding expectations for generations to come.

1. Do the right thing

Driven by a thoughtful and empathetic approach to doing  business, we're always concerned with the impact our decisions will have on the lives of others. Being accountable to our clients and each other for our actions, we are committed to making choices that are in the best interest of those we serve.


2. Love what you do

Happiness and passion are contagious; we believe a team that loves what they do, does it better. We are committed to creating a culture of individuals who are passionate and dedicated to their work and our clients.


3. Always be improving

In our desire for learning and innovation, we crave knowledge and understanding to grow ourselves and our team to achieve better outcomes.


4. Go the extra mile

With a legacy of strength and stability guiding us, we believe in the continuous pursuit of exceeding expectations.


5. Build collaborative relationships

We strive to connect both personally and professionally because we care about the well-being and protection of our clients, our employees and the communities in which we work and live.