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Wednesday, September 28th

M&G Awarded the IIABA’s 2016 Best Practices Status

We are excited to announce that Morris & Garritano has been awarded the Independent Insurance Agents & Brokers of America’s (IIABA) 2016 Best Practices Status.

Out of more than 1,800 nominees, we are one of 254 independent agencies throughout the United States to receive this honor. The Best Practices Study, initiated by the IIABA in 1993, is a means to improve insurance agency quality by defining industry standards. An agency must qualify based on outstanding customer retention, growth, stability and financial management.

With over 300,000 business owners and employees making up the Independent Insurance Agents & Brokers of America, we are proud to know that Morris & Garritano can be thought of as an ideal example of what a high performance agency can achieve in serving clients.


Tuesday, September 27th

Medicare Part D Advisory

Medicare Part D: Plan Sponsors Must Provide Notices to Participants by October 15, 2016 

DISCLOSURE TO INDIVIDUALS – Group health plan sponsors must provide Medicare Part D creditable coverage notices prior to October 15th, the start date of the Medicare annual enrollment period for Part D, Prescription Drug coverage. The enrollment period is October 15th – December 7th. The October 15th deadline applies to all group health plan sponsors that offer prescription drug benefits, regardless of plan year, plan size, employer size, grandfather status, or whether the plan is insured or self-funded.

The purpose of the disclosure is to inform Medicare beneficiaries of whether the employer’s drug coverage is expected to provide coverage comparable to the Medicare Part D prescription drug coverage. Medicare-eligible employees should keep the creditable coverage notice for future reference. If a Medicare-eligible employee or dependent becomes eligible for Part D and decides not to enroll because he or she has employer-sponsored coverage, a creditable coverage notice allows them to enroll in Part D later without being charged a higher premium. For individuals enrolled in a non-creditable drug plan, failure to enroll in Part D when first eligible will result in higher premium if they enroll in Part D later.

The Notice of Creditable Coverage must be distributed to all individuals enrolled in an employer’s group health plan that fall within one of the following categories:

  1. Active employees or COBRA participants over age 65 entitled to Medicare (Part A and/or B)
  2. Spouses of active employees over age 65 entitled to Medicare (Part A and/or B)
  3. Dependent children of active employees entitled to Medicare (Part A and/or B) regardless of age
  4. Retirees over age 65 entitled to Medicare (Part A and/or B)
  5. Spouses of active employees and/or retirees entitled to Medicare Part A and/or B
  6. Dependent children of a retiree entitled to Medicare (Part A and/or B) regardless of age

Because employers may not know if spouses and/or dependents of employees or retirees are Medicare-eligible, the recommendation is to provide the notice to all covered employees.

MODEL NOTICES – CMS provides model creditable coverage notices in their website here. Model notices are available in both English and Spanish. Many plan sponsors customize the Model Medicare Part D Notices provided by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) to notify affected plan participants.

ELECTRONIC DISTRIBUTION – Employers can distribute these notices electronically to participants who have the ability to access electronic documents at their regular place of work as long as those participants have access to the electronic information system on a daily basis as part of their work duties. Employers can distribute electronically under these circumstances without the participant’s consent. Participants must be informed, however, that they are responsible for providing a copy of the electronic notice to their Medicare-eligible dependents covered under the group health plan.

DISCLOSURE TO CMS – Employers are also required to notify CMS online annually that they have sent out these Part D notices. The notice to CMS is due within 60 days after the start of the plan year, or no later than March 1 for calendar year plans.

Contact Morris & Garritano Director of Compliance Keith Dunlop for further information regarding this or any other ACA-related issue.

Friday, September 9th

Welcome To Our New Website!

Hello and Welcome!

We have been hard at work to create a new website that will better serve the needs of you, our clients. When we started this new adventure, there were some key elements that we wanted to focus on:

  • Create a user-friendly, intuitive and modern website
  • Accurately and efficiently describe our capabilities and services
  • Introduce our clients to our amazing team of employees


Wednesday, September 7th

September 2016 M&G Newsletter

This month’s newsletter has some great information on protecting your home from wildfires, advice on when you should go to the emergency room vs urgent care, and a fun recap of our Employee Appreciation Party!

Click on the image below to view.

September Cover Image