Enhancing Employee Engagement in Your Workplace

October 14, 2021

Enhancing Employee Engagement in Your Workplace

Kely Blackburn sat down with Master Trainer and Organizational Success Coach, Kathy Marcove, and M&G’s Corporate Development Director, Zheila Pouraghabagher to get their take on the importance of employee engagement in the workplace.

Together they talk through best practices for any size business, explain what M&G is doing for our own employees, and provide actionable tips on how you can foster better engagement in your workforce to attract and retain top talent.

Did you realize the number one reason employees report leaving a company is a poor relationship with their supervisors? When employees don’t feel connected to the company or their superiors within it, they’re far more likely to move on and leave you scrambling to rehire. Don’t let your top talent walk out the door! Foster better workplace engagement. This doesn’t mean raising wages or hosting happy hours. It’s about creating genuine connections within your workforce!

Practice workplace engagement by connecting with your employees and asking for feedback on the company’s work environment and culture. Invest the time to ask your employees what they would like to see and what areas of opportunity your business has to enhance staff engagement. Does your staff have the tools and training they need to succeed? Is management accessible to subordinates through a proper chain of communication? Is adequate feedback being given throughout the year to validate workers’ progress and affirm their efforts? Learn where you are at and from there, plan steps to improve.