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Thursday, May 19th

Handling Auto Claims: The Total Loss Process

In the event you’ve been in an auto accident and are going through the claims process, understanding vehicle total losses can ease some of the stressors of the situation. 

With M&G, you don’t have to go through it alone. Our team is on your side! Our dedicated in-house Claims Advocate, Heather Ross, discusses best practices when dealing with a total loss claim. 

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Thursday, May 12th

Handling Auto Claims: Getting Your Vehicle Repaired

Dealing with the aftermath of an auto accident is never fun but knowing what to do and feeling prepared can help mitigate any stress and anxiety felt in the situation.  Heather Ross, our Claims Advocate at M&G gives some helpful insight and advice for dealing with auto claims.

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Friday, May 6th

Fleet Safety Essentials: Formal Motor Vehicle Record (MVR) Evaluation Policy

Motor vehicle accidents often rank among the most expensive types of claims for businesses. Whether you have a single vehicle or a large fleet, auto accidents pose a significant liability exposure to your organization. Luckily, some steps can be taken to help mitigate this risk.

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