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Thursday, June 23rd

The Basics of Fiduciary Liability Coverage

An employee benefits plan is often a key element in attracting and retaining good talent. A lot of care and thought goes into choosing the correct plan for a business’s employees, so it is crucial that the same diligence be put into protecting it and its overseers. Learn how Fiduciary liability can benefit you!

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Friday, June 17th

A Note to Professionals – Understanding Errors & Omissions Insurance

As an established professional with extensive knowledge in your field, it is your responsibility to ensure accuracy in the services you provide to your clients. Despite best efforts, sometimes mistakes are made. Understand Errors & Omission insurance and what kind of protection Professional Liability can provide.

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Thursday, June 9th

Wildfire Awareness & Preparation

In California, we are no strangers to the risk wildfires pose to our environment each year. Unplanned and uncontained fires that burn in wooded or grassy natural areas cause immense damage each season to commercial and private properties alike, making it important to prepare early and reduce your risk as much as possible.

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