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Tuesday, September 20th

Close, But Not Compliant

Being close to compliancy is not the same as being fully compliant. By asking the right questions, business owners can determine if their organization is in need of a near compliance assessment.

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Thursday, September 15th

What’s the Deal with the SR-1?

If you are involved in an auto accident in California, you may be required to complete an SR-1 form and mail it in to the DMV. Here we discuss some of the questions we commonly receive regarding this form, along with answers from our experts.

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Thursday, September 8th

How Does Filing a Claim Affect My Insurance Rates?

Every carrier handles claims a little differently with no one-size-fits all answer on how filing a claim will affect your rates or availability of coverage. Reporting a claim promptly though, is one of the most important actions you can take to protect your rights under the policy.

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Thursday, September 1st

Career Stories: Weston DeFrisco

At M&G, our people are the backbone of all we do. To highlight some of the brightest among our ranks, we’re excited to launch our newest regular feature, Career Stories!

Beginning in an entry level position in our Commercial Lines department, Weston DeFrisco now serves as our Commercial Marketing Supervisor and a staple in our leadership team. His open-door style of collaboration invites conversation and spills the occasional bust of laughter into the hallway. Finding trust in his leaders and support in our agency, Weston was able to develop a career path that both satisfies his goals and utilizes his greatest strengths, making him an invaluable asset to our team.

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Thursday, August 25th

Property Values and Inflation Impacts on Insurance Premiums

The pains of inflation are being felt in every aspect of life from gasoline to groceries to insurance policies. In times like these, the best thing you can do to protect your assets is to ensure your property is accurately appraised and fully insured. 

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Tuesday, August 16th

Vineyard Harvest Safety

The Summer months are in full swing and with the warming temperatures, grape vines are under close eyes. As this year’s harvest gets underway, take this time to communicate some general safety and wellbeing practices to your staff and prevent avoidable accidents and violations.

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Wednesday, July 27th

Understanding Employment Practices Liability (EPL)

Employment practices liability (EPL) insurance provides an employer with coverage for a wide variety of claims an employee may make against them, such as discrimination or harassment. It’s proving to be an increasingly valuable line of insurance to carry due to the rising number of such claims being seen throughout the industry. Learn more about EPL and the protection it can offer.

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Thursday, June 23rd

The Basics of Fiduciary Liability Coverage

An employee benefits plan is often a key element in attracting and retaining good talent. A lot of care and thought goes into choosing the correct plan for a business’s employees, so it is crucial that the same diligence be put into protecting it and its overseers. Learn how Fiduciary liability can benefit you!

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Friday, June 17th

A Note to Professionals – Understanding Errors & Omissions Insurance

As an established professional with extensive knowledge in your field, it is your responsibility to ensure accuracy in the services you provide to your clients. Despite best efforts, sometimes mistakes are made. Understand Errors & Omission insurance and what kind of protection Professional Liability can provide.

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Thursday, June 9th

Wildfire Awareness & Preparation

In California, we are no strangers to the risk wildfires pose to our environment each year. Unplanned and uncontained fires that burn in wooded or grassy natural areas cause immense damage each season to commercial and private properties alike, making it important to prepare early and reduce your risk as much as possible.

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