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Thursday, March 31st

Handling Auto Claims: What to Do Immediately After the Crash

Even the calmest, most well-centered people can have trouble keeping a clear head in the first minutes following an auto accident. To help you know what to do immediately following the accident, we talked with Heather Ross, our dedicated in-house Claims Advocate at Morris & Garritano.

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Wednesday, March 23rd

Sitting Down With the Women of M&G’s Senior Leadership Team, Part 2

Jordan Sullivan, Martine Domingues, Sheri Bruner, Kerry Morris, Celia Silacci, Zheila Pouraghabagher, Angela Toomey

We sat with the women in our senior leadership team to discuss what they love about their work, what inspires them most, and how they manage healthy boundaries and priorities.

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Tuesday, March 8th

Passion, Integrity, and Dedication: Celebrating the Women in Leadership at Morris & Garritano

Much is owed to the senior team of leaders within our agency who model our values in their work each day, cultivating our relational, mission-centric style of business. With today’s designation of International Women’s Day, we’d like to take this opportunity to honor the outstanding women we have among our ranks without whom we wouldn’t be what we are today!

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Wednesday, March 2nd

What’s the Difference Between a DBA and a Legal Entity?

As a business owner, you may be familiar with the term “DBA” if you operate under a different name than the legal title of your entity. Learn more about what a DBA is and how it is used.

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Wednesday, February 23rd

Fleet Management: Do I Need Proof of Personal Auto Insurance From My Employees?

As a business owner, it’s your duty to ensure you are placing safe, capable, and fully insured drivers on the road to conduct your business. Knowing your business is protected and your fleet is trained, insured, and carrying a clean driving record is essential.

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Thursday, February 17th

What Is an HSA and How Can Your Employees Benefit?

Offering an HSA, or Health Savings Account, to your employees can serve as a highly desirable option in your compensation package benefiting both you, the employer, and your employees. Understand what this is, how it works, and best practices for providing communication to your employees.

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Wednesday, February 9th

Auto Claims FAQs: Handling Claims Like a Pro

Knowing what to do in the event of an auto accident can ease much of the anxiety brought on by the situation. We talked with our dedicated in-house Claims Advocate, Heather Ross, about some of the most common auto claims FAQs and her best advice on how to approach each situation.

Over the next couple of months, we’ll be discussing some of the most common situations in auto claims and how to best go about handling them. As always, our team of experts at M&G has your back. Look out for our future articles covering these important topics for more expert insight and proactive advice!

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Friday, February 4th

Communicating Benefits to Your Employees

With the start of the new year, employees who have re-enrolled or are newly enrolled in benefits plans are looking to take advantage of the programs available to them. The benefits you offer your staff are an important part of the total compensation package. It’s vital to your employees’ overall satisfaction that they understand what care is available to them and how to access it.

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Friday, January 21st

Prospering Your Business and Investing in Your Staff With an EAP

Now more than ever, a robust Employee Assistance Program is essential to the wellbeing, productivity, and retention of your workforce. With so much continued uncertainty in our markets, an effective company-sponsored EAP can mean the difference between a strong workforce and a sluggish staff. 

By protecting the care and wellbeing of your workforce, you can protect and prosper your business. Whether you’re initiating the rollout of a new EAP, enhancing one already in place, or looking to better educate your staff on their existing benefits, our team at M&G can help you along the process offering support in any way you need.

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Thursday, December 30th

M&G Year in Review

As we wrap up another year at Morris & Garritano, we’re tying a bow on what we’ve accomplished as an agency before rounding the corner into the new year.

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