Bonds & Surety

Morris & Garritano has always known that a strong, local economy is built on businesses that feel confident making progress, not impeded by risk. After a century of experience, we know surety bonds are an integral part of a business’ risk management strategy. 

As your company evolves, it requires an industry expert to ensure that you and your work are properly protected over time. Our Surety Department provides technical expertise and exceptional carrier relationships on behalf of our clients. From contract performance and payment bonds, to license and permit bonds, court bonds, subdivision bonds or miscellaneous commercial bonds, clients appreciate the hallmarks of our approach:

  • Excellent reputation with surety companies
  • In-house authority for bond issuance
  • Rigorous search of the marketplace on your behalf
  • Collaboration with your accountant, attorney, and banker
  • Proactive in resolving challenges

Membership Organizations

We represent businesses of diverse sizes and types and are actively involved in the construction and wine industries. We value our membership and participation in the following organizations: