Human Resources

Morris & Garritano is proud to offer specialized services that help businesses of all sizes and industries run smoothly from the inside out. 

Our seasoned team of experts aim to function like an in-house department that’s been a part of your business all along. We believe in balancing mandated standards with practical solutions to help keep you in compliance. As a complement to our insurance offerings, Morris & Garritano believes a strong outfit of human resources expertise can serve as the critical link to your business and the employees who help it flourish.

Our human resources services can help your business:

  • Establish Employment Practices & Procedures
  • Develop & Review Employee Handbooks
  • Research Specific HR Issues
  • Communicate & Supply Posting Requirements
  • Complete HR Audits & Assessments
  • Coordinate Educational Events 

To get started, touch base with Louise Matheny, Morris & Garritano’s Human Resources Business Consultant and licensed Senior Human Resources Representative (SPHR-CA).