Safety & Risk Control

Today, there is risk in any business venture, from poor ergonomics to insufficient construction signage. And the insurance that goes along with it is not getting any easier. While you cannot avoid risk entirely, the difference is made by having an experienced partner in your corner who knows the nuances of your industry to protect you, your employees and the company you’ve worked so hard to build.

Thanks to its 135-year history rooted in our community, Morris and Garritano’s team knows the difference between real, comprehensive coverage and inadequate policies that leave clients exposed to risk at the worst possible times. After advising ventures big and small, Morris and Garritano’s Safety and Risk Control services focus on risk prevention in conjunction to incident management. We know a truly comprehensive plan built to suit a client’s needs will only strengthen your business’ ability to succeed in the long run. 

Our risk management department specializes in:

  • Injury Illness Prevention Programs
  • Workplace Hazard Assessments
  • Updates to Safety Regulations
  • Cal OSHA Citation Appeals
  • Incident Investigation and Correction
  • Safety Training and Procedure Implementation 

Contact industry-veteran Michael Schedler, Morris & Garritano’s Risk Control Consultant, to learn more about keeping your business and your employees safe.